Nina Åström is a singer-songwriter, evangelist and teacher who has worked in almost 30 years now, performing in a great variety of settings, in 30 countries.

Nina Åström has 14 albums to her name, the most recent being “Takaisin kotiin”, released in April 2016. The album “Avoin taivas” from 2012 has sold gold, climbing towards platinum sales.

In the fall of 2016 a biography “Nina Åström Toisin silmin” was released; written by Leevi Launonen. Also, another new development is an audio book (also in Finnish) where Nina Åström reads the gospel of Luke and the Acts from the Bible (”Nina Åström lukee Luukkaan tekstejä”).

Churches, concert halls, prisons, festivals, the Eurovision Song Contest, slums, tv and radio – a selection of venues where Nina has performed. Wherever she performs however, Nina aims for a warm and direct contact with the listeners, and wherever she is, she aims to convey grace and truth in Jesus Christ.

For the last 15 years her venues have included numerous prisons and drug rehabs, particularly in the former Soviet Union countries, all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltics.