Ukraine, 2015

20th Aug 2015

Well, friends… Ü

as I wrote in my quick note earlier, we got back home from Ukraine late on Tuesday evening 11th Aug.

Right away, upon our arrival at Kiev airport, we hit the road towards Rivne in the west.
During the next three days we visited prisons and churches in the region; then during the next two days in Volyn region – still in the west.
On Saturday 8th after the prison concert we started heading back to Kiev. There prison, church etc.

The team traveling was the same as we’ve had for many times now – what a great team. Slavik, Yulia, Sergey, Edijs, Kimmo and myself. Ü

During our entire stay the weather was extremely hot (particularly for us Scandinavians I guess), which was a challenge.

We were sooo well received in the different places, both by the audiences and the administration.
This time I think we were part of God’s process in sowing the Word, encouraging believers and impacting things and people on many different levels. May the Lord confirm His Word.

The whole time we were (and felt) completely safe and were able to minister in Ukraine – glory to God!
And thank you so much for your prayer support. Thank you for being a part of this! Ü

much love in Christ