Latvia, 2015

28th May 2015


We’re back from Latvia – thank you sooooo much for your prayers! We had a great trip with 8 different facilities during the 4 days we were working in the country. As mentioned earlier, Kimmo Suomela was traveling with me, and in Riga we were joined by our own Edijs Veips. The local team for prison ministry was great – Davids and Ainars among others. Such commitment!

We had previously – some years ago – visited all of the prisons that we now went to. There were a number of the prison chaplains that we’d worked with before; it was great to see them again. Also, the fact that we knew each other made the collaboration even smoother. Ü

In many of the meetings there were inmates who indicated that they want to follow Christ as I presented the invitation. Glory to God!
Also, I’ve started to insert a question/answer element within the concert, whenever appropriate, and this gives a great opportunity for us to “discuss” things of relevance for the inmates.

A high-light in some way (again) was the meeting with life-sentence inmates in Daugavpils. This time we were granted one hour, no bars between us and them; it was such a great time of music and sharing Jesus.

Again a great learning experience for me, and for all of the above I’m very very thankful.

in Christ