The way we are – press release

NINA ÅSTRÖM – THE WAY WE ARE (2010) – songs for your ears and your heart
It is strikingly obvious that Åstrom’s new found sound and tensions in the music have clearly given life to greater dynamic vocal performance. This collection of songs are bound together by the steadfast nature of Åstrom’s lyrical delivery, whilst clearly making bold moves to explore her tonal range. Her experience to lead the band and its music from behind the microphone is evident, her command of the melody and lyrical journey in each song wrestles the very core of each song’s musical purpose, allowing both music and vocal the space to breathe.

Åstrom is completely at one with the music world around her, songs like Leaving On A Jet Plane, Keep You Company and Autumn Chant leave us in no doubt that she commands the listeners ear in much the same way as a Linda Ronstadt, EmmyLou Harris or Sarah McLachlan record. The moments of sonic beauty and soulfulness are reminiscent of more recent Daniel Lanois, while others may be drawn by the Rufus Wainwright and recent Robert Plant approach and there are parts that approach the terrain of early Peter Gabriel.
”The Way We Are” is proof that, for some artists, the more you make, the better you get at it.

The Way We Are was recorded in London during 2009, produced by Dan Weeks and Matt Weeks. The album features musical supporting roles from Jason Carter (Harp Guitar), Terl Bryant (John Paul Jones, Faith Hill).

”I am very much an observer of my own and other people’s lives, and the songs exist to a great extent in the same landscape that I find myself in.
These are observations on our human relationships, the hard part and the glorious, on the world surrounding us, on our relationship to Him who loves us – what it means to be a human being, created in the image of God – whether we understand it or not.” – Nina Åström

”I find the new release of Nina Åström’s The Way We Are very refreshing and honest—a mature musical and listenable work. I’m delighted in the production work of Matt Weeks and Dan Weeks. Recorded in London, England, this is my favorite Nina project to date. It has elements of many styles I find appealing and Nina’s words and observations about life and faith come through with clarity and grace. This is a fine recording from Images Of God to the classic Leaving On A Jet Plane and I highly recommend it to your ears and heart.
Phil Keaggy

”Upea levy! Taidokasta, monipuolista, koskettavaa, yllättävääkin… Parasta kaikessa se, että en kuule ainoastaan laulajan ääntä ja sanoja vaan hänen sydämensä.”
Juha Tapio

”Tämä levy on kuin ystäväni Nina: Kaunis, vahva, tulee lähelle, puhuttelee, ei jätä ennalleen.”
Eija-Riitta Korhola