Person 2 Person (1992)

1. I long

lyrics&music: Nina Åström

I long for a time
when we don’t look at each other
uncomfortably, always comparing
for a world where uncertainty is no more
and where grass is so green

I long for a time
when the waiting is over
and when now is the best time
for a time when I really know, I really know
for a world where respect is a fact

I long for a time
when everything is so clear and just
and to be high and wise
is to be like a child
where the fresh, green grass is on my face

I long for a world
where I no longer can do wrong
and where children are abused no more
and where love is so generous
that the high are low
and the low, they are high

I long for the Kingdom where
greed and madness no longer are
and where Jesus’ eyes are so full of love
And where all that has been, has been before
is forgotten

2. My brothers and sisters

3. Minäkin

4. Kuka näkee sinun kyyneleet

5. Hey, I love you

6. The people who walked in darkness

7. The very best

8. Jos

9. How much I love you

10. All you're asking for

11. Hey, I love you (reprise)