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28 december 2013

Concluding 2013

Hey there! Here’s a news clip from TBN Russia – on our trip to Estonia these past couple of days. Ü   – Nina –

Hi – it’s been quiet for a while; I’ve been busy recording ”volume 2” of Hilja Aaltonen songs in Helsinki and after that just a long awaited Christmas break… Ü

Anyway, tomorrow (Sun 29th Dec) at 20.30 we’re on Finnish TV (well, actually in Swedish): YLE 5 /FST with ”Himlaliv”. Kimmo and Wilma joined me for this Christmas recording.

Saturday a week from today we’re off to Estonia – 3 prison gigs. Kimmo and Edijs Veips will accompany me on this trip.
Pics to follow…Ü

16th Jan 2014 Hämeenlinna  (private concert)

26th Jan Larsmo

31st Jan – 2nd Feb Kaavi

5th Feb Lohja

6th Feb Helsinki

7th Feb Turku

8th Feb Jyväskylä

9th Feb Seinäjoki

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