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04 april 2011

4th April – back home


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  1. Hola Nina, how’s it going? You’re looking great as always and listening to your video it sounds like you’re doing great and inspiring work. Once I was in Latvia and with some friends i wanted to visit a prison in Riga but they didn’t let me in because i hadn’t booked, hahaha.
    How’s all? How’s the family?
    I was just tracking the internet looking how my family members were doing and then on some related page i found a link to your site… Great to see you and to know that you’re still working for the good cause..
    Myself i’m in Colombia, been here for over three years now and recently i opened up a little hostel in Aracataca, the town where literature-nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born and inspired to write about his ’imaginary town’ Macondo. You could even say that with my guests we are characters in a worldfamous non existing town/novel..
    So, I’m pretty happy teaching bits and pieces about the history of South America trying to put the continent and the country on the map…
    It was great to see you and talk to you a ittle bit. Good luck with the upcoming concerts and i wish you love and happiness.
    greetings Tim

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